Hosting 101: Perfectly Balanced Batched Cocktails

During the holidays the focus is typically on the food — plating, presentation, assortment. A few bottles of wine, and a 12 pack of seltzer keeps the drinks covered. We’re here to shift that focus. To make your drinks the star of the show, from the moment guests show up until the nightcap is enjoyed. With a bit of pre-planning, you can batch amazing cocktails and keep them fresh with gorgeous garnish to make your gathering the most memorable yet.

We’ve selected a few simple cocktails that have a common structure so you can vary up what you serve without going crazy with ingredients. The basic formula is Spirit + Citrus + Sweetener = amazing cocktails.

Here are our favorite batched cocktails, with simple steps to make any size batch.

The Batched Margarita

For every 1.5oz of blanco tequila you use, add 1oz of lime juice, and .5 oz of triple sec. These simple ratios will help you scale up your marg to perfection. Mix in a serving vessel, and serve it over ice with a lime and salted rim for garnish.

The Batched Tom Collins

Gin more your thing? For every 2oz of Gin you add to the batch, use 1oz of lemon juice and 1oz of simple syrup. When served, fill a glass with ice up half way with your pre batch and top with soda water to keep those bubbles fresh. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

The Batched Gold Rush

If you want some brown spirits to warm you this winter, give the Gold Rush a try. For every 2oz of your favorite bourbon, add .5oz of lemon juice and 1 oz of honey to make a uniquely refreshing cold weather cocktail. Garnish this one with mint to punch it up a bit.

Now you’re ready for our little secret:

You can replace the citrus and sweetener in any of these cocktails with Le Moné. What’s that? It’s an all-new Meyer Lemon aperitif that’s made with 100% organic agave. It’ll save you the time and headache of the squeezing and juicing, without compromising on the freshness, and it’ll keep your cocktails lower in sugar and calories.

Le Moné tastes great on its own and in simple serves, but really shines when built into creative cocktails like the ones above. At 16% alcohol, it’s an easy-going alternative when served simply over ice, or it can make your cocktails a bit stronger to get the party started. It’s simple in essence, but has the complexity of a cocktail to take any of these recipes to the next level.


For every 1 oz of spirit, add 3 oz of Le Moné and you’re set! It’s that easy.

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