Elegant Bar Quality Cocktails with 3 Ingredients or Less

Are you looking to step up your mixology at home? We’ve got recipes for you! We’ll give you the classic recipe and our drink-hack version below using Le Moné — the all-new aperitif that can be enjoyed any time. Each simplified recipe boasts the complexity of the original, with a unique (lemon) twist. Our lemon gem is more approachable than the bitter competition, and while it shines on its own, it’s going to be your secret weapon this holiday to create elegant bar-quality cocktails at home with 3 ingredients or less.

Any classic cocktail with citrus and simple can easily swap in Le Moné for a more complex cocktail experience that’s impossible to get wrong.

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Our Favorite Tequila Recipes

The Classic Margarita

1 ¾ oz Blanco Tequila, 1oz Lime Juice, 3/4oz Triple Sec

Combine into a shaker, and shake vigorously over ice and then strain into your glass. If you’re not into squeezing limes, see below. 

Le Marg

3oz Le Moné, 1oz Blanco Tequila

Even we were shocked at how simple, easy, and excellent this margarita was! Just two ingredients makes a perfect margarita every time. Garnish with a salt rim and slice of lime and serve over ice. Longing for your Triple Sec? Try orange bitters instead. 

Our Favorite Bourbon Recipes 

Bourbon Lemonade

1.5oz Bourbon, 4oz Lemonade

This one is really just that simple. Garnish with mint for a little something extra. But if you’re not into super sugary lemonade or fake sweeteners (or want to add more alcohol to your alcohol rather than dilute it) the recipe below is the one for you! 

Le Derby

3oz Le Moné, 1oz Bourbon

The essence of a bourbon lemonade! A spin on the bourbon classic that makes it easier to enjoy than ever. Enjoy the aromatic Meyer lemon and fresh citrus pop from Le Moné without all the squeezing and juicing — we’ve got that part covered for you.

Our Favorite GIN Recipes

The Best Tom Collins (according to VinePair)

2oz Gin, 1oz Lemon Juice, 1oz Simply Syrup, Soda as Needed

Another elegantly simple classic. But we’re up for the challenge. Why add sugar when you can use Agave instead — its sweeter than sugar, so we can use less to achieve the perfect sweetness. You still get a perfect cocktail without all headache (pun intended). 

Le Collins

3oz Le Moné, 1oz Gin, Soda optional

By now you see where we’re going with this. Gin + lemon + simple syrup = Tom Collins. Gin + Le Moné = Le Collins. FIFY, VinePair. 

Bonus Cocktail: Le Bitters 

Le Moné Over Ice, Dash of orange, aromatic, or any specialty bitters you desire, topped with shaved nutmeg.

In essence, this one is the most simple of all. It’s amazing what bitters can do to transform the experience. In combination with the nutmeg, this is the most refreshing seasonal cocktail you’ll have this winter. 

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