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6 Gifts for Hosting Your Perfect Aperitivo Hour with Le Moné

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As the golden aperitivo hour creeps earlier each day and the light outside is fleeting, we want to bring the warmth and sunshine into your home. Our team has curated a selection of our favorite gift ideas from local small businesses to aid the aperitivo lover in hosting their perfect holiday happy hour with a light and lively (and low alcohol) twist that takes you and your loved ones beyond the first glass of your night. These are the perfect gifts for the aperitivo aficionado in your life!

Each product perfectly complements Le Moné's aromatic meyer lemon for low alcohol sipping.

  • Freestyle Snacks - 6 Pack - $29.98
  • The Truffleist - Various Boxes - $30-$120
  • Graza - Variety Pack - $35
  • Drink Lightly - Hardcover - $26.99
  • Hella Bitters - 12 Pack - $39.95
  • Mike's Hot Honey - Gift Sets - $28.99 - $50.00