Tequila Lovers Rejoice: This New Aperitif is Made for You

Aperol has its spritz. Campari has the negroni. Jack has coke. You, the sophisticated lover of the distilled blue agave plant, have myriad margarita flavors to choose from, yet somehow it still feels like you’re overlooked in having that perfect, simple companion to your favorite spirit.

Le Moné is designed to pair perfectly with your tequila when you want something stronger, and provide a lower alcohol alternative on its own when you’re looking to take it easy. The Meyer Lemon citrus profile and organic agave are the perfect companion for any tequila. It’s a refreshing, easy going aperitif with the complexity of a cocktail that’s your gateway to the oasis.

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These recipes were made with the tequila lover in mind:

Le T-Spritz

3oz Le Moné, 1oz Tequila, top with soda water & serve over ice garnished with a lime wheel and salt rim

We read the “T” leaves — Tequila that is! It’s so simple and easy to make, and easy-going and refreshing enough to enjoy all day. Step aside inferior spritzes, Le Tequila Spritz is here.

Le Marg

3oz Le Moné, 1oz Blanco Tequila

It’s really that simple — just two ingredients creates a perfect margarita every time with no squeezing, juicing, or mystery mixers. Serve over ice and garnish with a salt rim, lime wedge, or however you drink your marg. (Try this one with Mezcal too!)

Le Sunrise

3oz Le Moné, 1oz Tequila, Splash of OJ

At only 16% ABV, Le Moné is for great nights and good mornings — a drink you can enjoy until the sun rises, or make into a new take on the classic Tequila Sunrise. Add a splash of OJ and you’re there! Garnish with an orange wheel and add a dash of cherry bitters if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Le Siesta

3oz Le Moné, 1oz Tequila, Splash of Grapefruit Juice, Over Ice

We’re swapping citrus to reimage this bitter tequila beverage. OJ + Grapefruit becomes Grapefruit + Meyer Lemon. While we’re at it, we’ll scrap the sugary ingredients to make this a mindful alternative.

We’re just getting started...

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