Le Moné is a Feeling.

A New Type of Drinking Experience

Le Moné is a lighter, livelier, low alcohol apéritif. It brings new depth and sophistication to a familiar lemon profile, while remaining low in calories and sugar.

Enjoy Le Moné however you like: whether you want it simply served up neat, lightened up with soda water or sparkling wine, or mixed into a bar-quality cocktail with your favorite spirit, the possibilities are endless.

There’s lemonade
and then there’s Le Moné

Our favorite drinks are ones that are simple and delicious on their own and highly customizable if you want to get creative. Apéritifs are perfect for this, yet so many of them are bitter and cloying instead of sessionable and refreshing. Le Moné's approachable citrus and perfect balance makes it the aperitif you can drink any time. 

Who we are

Our team includes a renowned brewmaster and distiller in a family of citrus farmers, a sommelier who’s worked in some of New York’s finest restaurants, and other beverage professionals who’ve partnered with a winemaker with over 30 years experience to create our all-natural citrus aperitif.

We’re passionate about what we drink and obsessive about the integrity of the beverages we consume. Le Moné is designed to be the spirit we want to drink. One that leads to connections and revelry, but allows you to still feel great the next day.

A Labor of Love & Artistry

To create Le Moné was a balancing act that took over a full year to complete. Our journey started at the vineyard: we teamed up with a family-owned vineyard who we’ve been cultivating a relationship with for years. 

Their picturesque fields in the Finger Lakes capture the essence of New York agriculture, and even features an organic farm on the property to supply local restaurants. We worked closely with them to select the perfect foundation for Le Moné — a bright acidic wine with a lemon-lime profile, and dry finish that is balanced out by our organic agave.  

A Need for a Better Buzz without Compromise

A happy hour one evening could mean missing our workout the next morning, or navigating the next workday through a fog. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle often meant dulling down our drinks to flavored fizzy water and things labeled ‘lite’. We value our quality time with friends and the quality of our drinks, and Le Moné lets us have it all: low calories, low alcohol, and complex cocktail quality.

Have other questions? Read more in our FAQ or email us: zest@drinklemone.com