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Simple Serves to get you started

We think the best thing about Le Moné is that it can be consumed however you like! As balanced as it is complex, it can be as simple as pouring it over ice. These simple serves are a great way to try Le Moné. Keep scrolling for some unbelievable (and simple!) recreations of classic cocktails, creative serving suggestions, and garnish pro tips.

Le Moné makes it simple for you to be the mixologist of your dreams.


Each expression of Le Moné builds upon our signature Meyer Lemon & 100% Organic Blue Weber Agave base by adding additional fruit and botanical elements. The result? Delicious new drinking experiences that match any occasion or mood.



Le Moné - 750ml Bottle
Le Moné - 750ml Bottle

Lemon Orange Lime

Le Moné with Orange & Lime - 750ml Bottle
Le Moné with Orange & Lime - 750ml Bottle

Lemon Raspberry & Lavender

Le Moné with Raspberry & Lavender - 750ml Bottle
Le Moné with Raspberry & Lavender - 750ml Bottle

Lemon Blackberry

Le Moné with Blackberry - 750ml Bottle
Le Moné with Blackberry - 750ml Bottle

Signature Serve:
The Le Moné Spritz

3oz Le Moné
1oz Blanco Tequila
Top with soda water
Serve with a lime wedge

Part margarita, part ranch water — this refreshing tequila spritz will be your go-to all summer. 

A Le Moné Twist on the Classics


3oz Le Moné, 2oz Soda Water, Slice of Lemon

Serve over ice.

Optional, but encouraged: add 1oz tequila.

Our Favorite SPRITZ Recipes

Le Spritz

3 Oz Le Moné, 1 Oz Prosecco

Serve over ice with an orange slice in tall spritzy glass.

Our Favorite Tequila Recipe

Le Marg

3oz Le Moné, 1oz Blanco Tequila

Even we were shocked at how simple, easy, and excellent this margarita was! Just two ingredients makes a perfect margarita every time. Garnish with a salt rim and slice of lime and serve over ice. Longing for your Triple Sec? Try orange bitters instead. 

Our Favorite Bourbon Recipe 

Le Derby

3oz Le Moné, 1oz Bourbon

The essence of a bourbon lemonade! A spin on the bourbon classic that makes it easier to enjoy than ever. Enjoy the aromatic Meyer lemon and fresh citrus pop from Le Moné without all the squeezing and juicing — we’ve got that part covered for you.

Our Favorite GIN Recipe

Le Collins

3oz Le Moné, 1oz Gin, Soda optional

By now you see where we’re going with this. Gin + lemon + simple syrup = Tom Collins. Gin + Le Moné = Le Collins. Why add sugar when you can use Agave instead — its sweeter than sugar, so we can use less to achieve the perfect balance. You still get a masterful cocktail without all headache (pun intended). 

Bonus Cocktail: Le Bitters 

Le Moné Over Ice, Dash of orange, aromatic, or any specialty bitters you desire, topped with shaved nutmeg.

In essence, this one is the most simple of all. It’s amazing what bitters can do to transform the experience. In combination with the nutmeg, this is the most refreshing seasonal cocktail you’ll have this winter. 

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